Become an Educational Partner

Let’s build a better world…by sharing knowledge

We would like to bring in a Construction Revolution 1.0 in India by Building an inclusive community! Through the Education Partner Program (EPP), we would want to help construction workforce educate and develop their skills and knowledge. As an Industry leader in your field, helps share best practices and processes, by developing articulated lectures ensuring :

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Microlearning (less than 5 minute training videos)

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Real world visuals

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Videos: Actual work activity videos help achieve an effective learning outcome

How Partnering With Us Helps Grow Your Business (Educational Marketing)

How do you create the need for a person to buy your product and services? The answer is through education. Education can be applied anywhere, at any time, and comes in a variety of forms. But when it is combined with marketing, the results are astonishing.

Other benefits include :

Build trust

Share knowledge that has the power to nurture your relationship with your customers.

Create need

Improve chances of sale of your products by making release need of your product.

Image improvement

Get customers see what your company does and how it impacts their lives.

Cost Less in marketing

Our portal gets 1,000 clicks every day. Get your product known for free.

Position yourself as a Leader

Sharing useful content provides real value creating loyal community.

Connect with Customers effectively

Provide information that they need.